White Death
White Death
In-game appearance
Health Medium
Location Baroque Sea
White Death (ホワイト・デス) is a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) in The Ocean Hunter. He is the first sub boss in Baroque Sea.

The Ocean HunterEdit

En route to the shipwreck, Torel and Chris will come across a diver ("My God!") being chased by White Death.


Sunburst Area/Vulnerable Area: Base of mouth/jaw, body
Sweet Spot/Weakpoint: Tail

After the cutscene plays, White Death will be seen at a distance from the fleeing diver ("Help me"). Aim and fire below, but not far from, the great white shark. This allows the shots to "float" up to the shark and deal damage. Once the shark is at the protagonists' eye level, proceed to fire around the base of the jaw and the shark's body to reduce his health into half before he reaches the diver.

There is a time limit for the player(s) to save the diver. If successful, White Death will turn away from his prey and attack the player(s). Failure results in the great white killing the diver before turning his attention to the player(s).

Regardless of case, the player(s) must continuously fire at White Death until he runs out of health. Once so the great white shark will then be defeated.

Saving the diver alters the stage route, where the player will face the optional sub boss Sea Dragon. Failing to save the diver will result with the player just geting a glimpse of the Sea Dragon swimming in the distance before the player enters the ship Kraken lurks in.


The name White Death is another name for the great white shark.


  • On the arcade cabinets White Death is featured in the game title and the artwork on the cabinet's sides. On the latter the great white is depicted fighting Torel and Chris.


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