A diver holding a treasure chest

A treasure chest is an item in The Ocean Hunter.

The Ocean HunterEdit

Ever since before (presumably) and after the Seven Great Monsters appeared, the sea floors of the Seven Seas have been filled with a large number of shipwrecks that are rich of treasures. In addition, some of these treasures are either scattered within the seas or embedded or hidden in structures and other natural formations, such as underwater ruins and icebergs.

Unlike the hunters, who seek and hunt the Seven Great Monsters and common marine predators, many divers would seek out for these treasure chests whenever they have the chance. Unfortunately, this leaves them more vulnerable than the hunters to the sharks and other dangers.


Treasure bonus

Treasure bonus

There are many treasure chests scattered throughout the game. When shot, the chest opens up and gives a bonus 100 points, which multiply depending on how many times the player(s) shoot it.

In addition, if the player has five Life Points upon saving a diver/hunter, he/she will receive a treasure bonus instead of a sixth Life Point.

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