Texcoco Great Lake (テスココ大湖) is one of the Seven Seas and the fourth stage in The Ocean Hunter. On the in-game map, this is a fictional lake within the Amazon River basin.


Texcoco Great Lake journal entry

A freshwater lake with several cities and towns built around it. Under the surface lies an ancient Aztec city. Ahuizotl could be found anywhere in this lake.

Ever since Ahuizotl came, at least two towns were attacked by the monster with 18 casualties, 6 of which were eaten. Because of this, no one is able to go near the lake nor the water.


The temperatures at Texcoco Great Lake range from moderate to high.

Animal LifeEdit

The lake is congested with vicious human-eating marine species such as piranhas and garpikes. Those who are unfortunate to fall into the water are usually eaten alive.

The Ocean HunterEdit



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  • Red-bellied piranha
  • Garpike