The Seven Seas is the primary setting of The Ocean Hunter.



Set in an alternate steampunk world, the Seven Seas is home to many marine species. Each sea has its own unique creatures (ex. Texcoco Great Lake has big piranhas, West Ocean with its prehistoric creatures), some of which are either harmless or deadly.

The Seven Seas is split into seven parts:

The Ocean HunterEdit

The sea deity Rahab was created by Chaos to oversee the Seven Seas and its denizens. However, many years after he fell into a deep slumber, humanity soon took over the Seven Seas and, with it, created a newly-flourished civilization. Unfortunately, upon awakening and seeing what has happened, Rahab saw this act as a "disgrace" to his home. As a result, he set forth many natural marine disasters (i.e. storms, typhoons) and created the Seven Great Monsters in an effort to humble humanity. Many common marine predators began to follow these monsters, and many common species, such as whales, gradually became endangered and/or extinct.

From here on, the story of The Ocean Hunter takes place.