Panthalassa (パンタラサ Pantarasa), also known as The Sea of Evil, is one of the Seven Seas and the seventh and final stage in The Ocean Hunter. On the in-game map, this is the Mediterranean Sea.


Panthalassa journal entry

This deep, dark saltwater sea is believed to be the location of Rahab. An ancient temple sits underwater where the Great Monster supposedly dwells. At the time of the game, it is a stormy night.


The temperatures at Panthalassa range from moderate to moderately high.

Animal lifeEdit

Panthalassa is most likely home to many native and exotic marine species.

The Ocean HunterEdit




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Etymology Edit

Panthalassa, also known as the Panthalassic Ocean or Panthalassan Ocean, was the superocean that surrounded the supercontinent Pangaea. During the Paleozoic–Mesozoic transition c. 250 Ma it occupied almost 70% of Earth's surface.


  • The stage's theme songs are Panthalassa - Act 1 and Panthalassa - Act 2.
  • During the stage's opening cutscene, Torel and/or Chris call the sea Pantarasa. This is most likely a translation error.
  • There are no divers or common enemies in this stage.
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