North Sea (北海) is one of the Seven Seas and the fifth stage in The Ocean Hunter. On the in-game map, this is the Arctic Ocean.


North Sea journal entry
This saltwater sea is vast full of icebergs and ice masses, with treasure buried within many icebergs and, supposedly, on the sea floor. At the time of the game, it's daytime, albeit a bit cloudy.


The sea's climate consists of sub-freezing temperatures, both underwater and above the surface. Because of this, divers and hunters are limited to about 15 minutes in the water to avoid catching hypothermia.

Animal lifeEdit

The North Sea is home to many marine populations, including whales, jellyfishes, and lampreys.

Ever since Karkinos came, the whale population has been steadily but dramatically decreasing, so it's likely that Karkinos dwells within this area in order to be close to his regular food supply.

The Ocean HunterEdit




  • Lamprey
  • Jellyfish



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