Hot air balloon

In-game appearance

The hot air balloon is an aircraft in The Ocean Hunter.


The aircraft is comprised of a big modified bathysphere suspended by cables beneath a blue envelope with white and gold patterns. There is a crow's nest located on top of the envelope and the helm/bridge with a steering wheel on top of the bathysphere. Both the nest and the helm/bridge are surrounded by a guardrail. Two speaking tubes are located on the helm/bridge and one up at the crow's nest.

On the bathysphere component, there are two small, circular windows that look out on each side. A small door is located on the upper region on each side, followed by a side ladder that runs down to between the windows. Four fish-like fins are attached to the lower region of the bathysphere, with two on each side. A propeller is attached to the back.

There is also a platform connected to a pole that can extend down from the bottom of the aircraft to the deeper depths of the sea.

The Ocean HunterEdit

The hot air balloon is only seen during the opening cutscene of each stage (except Texcoco Great Lake) throughout the entire game. It acts as the primary mode of transportation for Torel and Chris.


  • It is possible that the hot air balloon belongs to either Torel or Chris, although it is unconfirmed.


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