In The Ocean Hunter, the Seven Great Monsters aren't the only dangers roaming around in the Seven Seas. Each of the Seven Seas has their own ordinary marine predators, or enemies, that act as obstacles (to the hunters) or hazards (to the divers) to Torel and Chris.


In order to progress through every stage, except Panthalassa, and reach the boss, the player will have to take down a certain number of enemies. The number of enemies present depends on both the game difficulty and how many players are playing. Some of them can easily blend in with those that aren't hostile, making them harder to find until the last second.

Sometimes, the player will encounter a hunter or diver being chased or attacked by enemies. The player will have to shoot them in order to save the hunter/diver without harming the latter and before the predators reach and/or kill their prey.

The Ocean HunterEdit

Baroque SeaEdit


  • Aim for the mouth and body.

Luna SeaEdit


  • For the sharks, aim for the mouth and body.
    • Some of the hostile hammerhead sharks blend in with the normal ones, so keep an eye out for them.
  • For the stingrays, aim for the head. When they are swimming sideways but at a distance (see image), aim for the side of their backs (i.e. a bit to the left if a stingray is coming from the right).

Tartarus DeepEdit


  • Aim for the mouth and body.

Texcoco Great LakeEdit


  • Don't let your guard down when swimming with piranhas. Because there are a lot of them swimming around, some of the hostile ones blend in easily with the others and they can attack at any second. Shoot the ones that are much closer to the camera or appear to swim and/or turn towards you.
  • For the garpikes, aim for the mouth and body. The garpikes may be hard to take down since they swim fast, so aim fast!

North SeaEdit


  • The moment the lampreys latch onto the protagonists' dive helmets, shoot them off quickly!
  • Shoot the jellyfishes highlighted by an orange circle. However, you are free to shoot any of the other jellyfishes nearby.

West OceanEdit


  • The weakpoint for the Mosasaurus and Dunkleosteus is the mouth. However, the player can defeat them by shooting anywhere on their bodies, albeit with less damage.
  • For the Pterygotus, aim for the head and body.
  • The moment the parasites latch onto the protagonists' dive helmets, shoot them off quickly! This is especially important during the boss fight.


There are no enemies present in this stage.


  • Some of the enemies, such as the shortfin mako, hammerhead sharks, piranhas, and jellyfishes, are actually not hostile towards humans in real-life; they will only attack if provoked. Their behavior in-game may have to do with Rahab's influence within the ocean.
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