In-game appearance
Health Medium-High
Location West Ocean
The Basilosaurus (バシロサウルス) is, as the name suggests, a basilosaurus in The Ocean Hunter. He is the only sub boss in West Ocean.

The Ocean HunterEdit

Upon approaching a giant hole on the ocean floor, Torel and Chris will encounter Basilosaurus.

Basilosaurus carcass

The Basilosaurus' fate.

After the battle, he, along with the two adventurers, gets swallowed by Midgardsorm. His corpse is later seen being eaten by the parasites inhabiting the gigantic worm.


Sunburst Area/Vulnerable Area: Entire body
Sweet Spot/Weakpoint: Tail

Like Naga, for the entire duration of the fight, Basilosaurus will swim around but in a swift zig-zag motion before attempting to bite the player(s). As the in-game dialogue suggests ("Shoot shoot shoot!"), the player(s) must continuously fire at Basilosaurus. The prehistoric creature will continue to attack unless the player(s) have completely depleted his health.


The name Basilosaurus means "King Lizard". When its fossilized remains were found in Louisiana, USA in the 1830s, it was initially thought to be a giant reptilian sea monster; later research confirmed it as a prehistoric whale with an elongated body and a pair of small legs[1].

In the game's case, the Basilosaurus is a whale with a long, flexible, and snake-like body. This alludes to Torel and Chris mistaking Basilosaurus as Midgardsorm due to appearance, only for the real one to come out and suck in the recently-defeated whale and the two adventurers.


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